The Artist: Juan Carlos Mercado ‘Homage Corner’

As many, Juan Carlos has a passion for cars and motorsports. Fascinated by their shapes, colours, ingenuity, and the stories of the people who constructed and raced them.

He is inspired by the people who build something out of nothing. Just bolt an engine to a frame, and in the process creating impossibly beautiful machines. ‘Taking that thing they created to the track and race others who did the same. Risking their lives in heroic battles is nothing short from epic ‘

Their story is one of passion, restlessness, commitment and sacrifices.
‘This is my attempt to try and grasp a little bit of all of this and share it with others via my art’

In the studio Juan Carlos creates free interpretations of the shapes and colours of the cars that inspire him the most. He tries to honour the men and their machines in the process. Examples of his work are based on the Formula one cars from WIlliams, Lotus Renault, the Jordan from Michael Schumacher and Adrian Neweys Leyton House.

Vintage Speedworks is proud to work together with such enthusiastic and posionate craftmen…