The Artist: Artem Khalko

Artem was born in little city named Mosty in Belarus, near the border of the USSR and Poland. From childhood there have been some very special moments when as a child, he could see kind of unusual cars. Cars which in the were European c ars like a BMW or Porsche. The streets of Ex-USSR roads in 90’s were full of Ladas and Volgas, so he grow up with big thirst for knowledge about cars, their history and motorsport.

His father was a very talented man, artist, designer, sculptor and architect. His father started to teach Artem from a young age on painting, drawing and history.

In Belarus, it is very difficult to make a good career in art or automotive business, so he decided to get his architecture degree.

Still the passion iconic cars and motorsport inside of me can’t be hidden, and since 2018 he decide to connect my skills and my passion to create automotive artworks.

Vintage Speedworks is proud to give Artem his international podium, lets go for it.